Web development

 Your website should be a window into your organization, not a static brochure.  We’ll integrate your site into your workflow so updates aren’t a hassle.  And when it’s time to refine your site’s function and looks, you won’t have to start over from scratch.  Design isn’t an afterthought, it’s a reflection of what you care about.  Your web developer should understand and implement your core mission.

  • Content management that’s easy to use and update – training included
  • Custom site build and administration using modern CMS platforms like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, or CQ
  • Professional visual and functional design


When your infrastructure runs smoothly, you don’t notice it.  Hardware, software, and network management allows you to work without sweating the technical details, quickly and easily.  Larger organizations rely on a fully-staffed IT department to keep ahead of problems and save money on purchasing and maintenance.  I offer industrial-strength IT expertise and widely-tested solutions to your issues, scaled to match how you work.

  • PC and server specification, maintenance, and upgrade management
  • OSX, Linux, and Windows client & server administration
  • Workflow consultation including software, content management, & backup for your media, documents, email, & databases
  • Wired & wireless network planning, rollout, security, & optimization


Social media

Your brand is you.  People don’t want to be marketed to – if you’re doing something great, they want to connect with you.  Metrics tell you when you’re succeeding and when you need to refine your message.  But real influence comes from being genuinely inspiring.

  • Organization-wide social media strategy
  • Analytics to keep you on track
  • Easy integration of social networking into your daily process