Maha Padma Yoga

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Maha Padma Yoga Temple, formerly Bija Yoga, is a studio in Union Square, NYC.  Their year-in rebranding is spearheaded by a new logo by Hotworks Design, based on original art by Emily Brickel.  Maha Padma means ‘great lotus,’ a metaphorical next step from Bija (‘seed’).

The new site, which I designed and built, showcases the studio’s lush, welcoming aesthetic with a clean, elegant layout.  Pink and gold highlights are minimal so that the images take center stage.  (Click for a larger view.)

Events are automatically added to a ‘portfolio’ grid view as they’re published – no need to constantly update the home page with upcoming workshops.  I found this a very pleasing design solution to an everyday problem.

This site was built on WordPress for ease of administration and continuity with the previous site.  From concept to coding PHP & CSS to load & launch, the whole project took one month.